Sunday, May 25, 2014

MMM'14 Week 4

Day 21: Circle skirt in teal/black check cotton
I self-drafted this full-circle skirt but these days you don't have to! By Hand London now have a calculator. This skirt is probably my most vintage-y make and always makes me feel elegant.
Day 22: Deer & Doe Datura blouse in cotton voile
I bought the fabric for the yoke of this blouse in Tokyo last year. It's a beautiful soft cotton voile with a paisley print. I was only able to get a remnant so it was perfect for the yoke of the Datura. For the body of the blouse, I used cotton voile which is a bit crisper than the yoke and as you can see gets a bit crinkled by the end of the day. I think something softer would have been better, but at least it was easy to sew.
Day 23: Deer & Doe Anemone skirt in navy linen
Deer & Doe Airelle blouse in white hailspot voile
I look long-suffering here after taking lots of photos, but this one shows the skirt best! This is my first new make for MMM and I'm super happy with it. I didn't have to adjust the fit at all, the only alteration I did was to cut 1.5 inches off the length of the longer version so it sits just above the knee (more work appropriate than the mini version).  

The fabric is navy linen lined with rayon.  I'm not sure how ironing will go after washing it, I guess I'll find out! The navy has quite a rough texture with lots of colour in it, which is a nice change from the smooth cotton sateen I used for my Beignet skirt.

The only problem with this skirt is that the hem doesn't sit smoothly which I think is a result of my hand-stitching on the hem catching the top layer of the linen. I'll have to see if I can iron it smoother or I might need to re-do some hand-stitching.

Nothing to say about the Airelle since I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago. Oh, except I think I forgot to mention that I took a inch or so off the length of the sleeve. Also I'm happy that I now have a skirt that's as dark as the collar and cuffs on this blouse!

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