Sunday, May 18, 2014

MMM'14 Week 3

Week 3...
Day 13: Colette Macaron dress in black cotton poplin and teal check

Better view of the bodice detail
 This is my version of the Colette Macaron dress. I really liked this pattern but had trouble coming up with a fabric combination that felt wearable. I had this lovely teal check left over from a skirt. I left the waistband black and I usually wear my teal belt to pick up the colour from the yoke. I'm still not 100% happy with the dress though, the skirt sits a bit awkwardly on me (though since it's plain black it's not very obvious). If I make this pattern again I'll try adding some length to the bodice to see if the skirt sits better if it falls from the waist. 
Day 14: Deer & Doe Belladone in navy taslon (again)
This dress had to make another appearance. It's great (my posture could do with improving though).

Day 16: Sewaholic Cambie in polka dot seersucker
Hmm my Cambie dress. I kind of don't love this as much as I expected to, but I do enjoy wearing it when I get around to it. I think its shortcomings are more to do with me than the pattern,I need to make another version to decide how I feel about it. 

But I do have one tip from making this dress: don't use a fabric with spots AND stripes! It will drive you crazy (though give you a warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction when they do all line up).
Day 17: By Hand London Anna dress in Nani Iro double gauze
My Anna dress. This is absolutely my favourite thing I've ever made (doesn't everyone say that about their Anna?). It's flattering but modest (perfect for work, engagement parties, lunch on windy mountaintops etc etc) and so comfortable. I made two modifications: added some extra length to the bodice (instructions here) and used a half-circle skirt instead of the 7(?) gore skirt. I think the look of the skirt ended up being pretty similar to the pattern, I just couldn't bear to cut up my beautiful fabric more than I needed to.

Which brings me to the fabric. In case being addicted to Liberty fabric was dangerous enough, I'm now a thorough convert to Nani Iro. I bought a few pieces when I was in Japan last year and this is the first thing I've made with it. I love it! The designs are so gorgeous, detailed and textured! The fabric feels soft but has beautiful body and the double gauze construction means it basically has lining built in. It's been holding up well to my regular wearing and washing, too. 

I need more Annas in my life. And more Nani Iro. More Nani Iro Annas? Perhaps.

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